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Strength From the Top Down

Photo of Steve Dolezal
Steve DolezalPresident

Steve has been involved in the foodservice industry since 2001. He began his career in contract management overseeing the foodservice operations of a long-term care facility. 

Steve continued his foodservice career in business development and sales management positions in both distribution and food manufacturing. Steve has extensive sales experience in all channels of business, including healthcare, education and hospitality - hotels and restaurants. Steve received his degree in business from the University of Northern Iowa.

Photo of Josh Hollingshead
Josh HollingsheadVP Culinary Services

Josh Hollingshead  brings over 15 years of knowledge to our team with the bulk of his experience being in large scale food operations. 

He started by graduating from the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary School and immediately took a position at an upscale retirement community as the Executive Chef.  He went on to take a contract sales position where he solely cared for the needs of large format healthcare accounts and casinos.  He brought his career full circle when he came back to the place of his first employment and took over the department as Food and Beverage Director.

Josh has extensive knowledge in contract management, business growth, product knowledge, group procurement and industry systems. 

Photo of Levi DeVries
Levi DeVriesVP of Operations

Levi brings significant experience in the food service industry having worked in the field since 2006 before joining the CSM Team in February of 2019.  He spent most of his career at a large public hospital, where he was an Associate Director in the Food and Nutrition Department.  During his time there, he was responsible for overseeing all storeroom operations, sustainability, department safety and compliance, employee training, sanitation, vending, and retail services.

Levi is also a Registered Dietitian and holds a variety of nutrition related knowledge.  His associated experience includes menu planning, conducting nutritional analysis, recipe standardization, and nutritional counseling and education.

Photo of Amber Wahl
Amber WahlDirector of Business Systems

If there’s one thing we have all taken from our foodservice backgrounds, it’s the fact that the most successful operations happen when the front of the house is supported by a strong back of the house team.   Since 2015, CSM has been fortunate to have Amber running our back of the house operations.    Amber began her foodservice career in 2008 as a customer service representative for the dominant distributor in Iowa. Her success in that role led to her promotion to Account Executive where she specialized in multi-unit restaurant sales and support.

Amber supports our members by identifying savings opportunities, and enhancing our own efficiencies so that we can provide detailed reporting, remit member rebate payments quickly and elevate the services we offer so that we continue to dominate our competition.   Amber holds a BA in Business Administration and Leadership from AIB College of Business.  

Photo of Cale Howells
Cale HowellsDirector of Business Development

Cale began his career in the food service industry while working as a student at a variety of restaurants in Montana.  After gaining experience in the back of house, he advanced to customer service and quickly became engrossed in the finer labor skills of the restaurant industry. From there, he broke into the distribution end of food service where he unloaded and delivered orders. 

Cale studied Business Management at Montana State University-Billings while also competing in Track and Field.  After graduation, an opportunity in food sales put Cale in a unique position with the preferred distributor in Montana. In this role, he provided food, ecofriendly cleaners, and even online services to help his customers advance in today's market. Cale’s sales experience has since grown to span multiple channels of business. Above all, he has always been driven by challenging himself to provide the highest level of service to customers and prides himself in consistently exceeding their expectations.

Photo of Darrin Dickerson
Darrin DickersonDirector of Culinary Development

Darrin Dickerson contributes over 30 years in the food service industry including management experience in corporate, restaurant and educational facilities.

He started as many have in a restaurant dish room, graduated from culinary school at Mitchell Technical Institute and continued to receive a Bachelors in Hospitality Management and Business Administration from Graceland University.  Darrin climbed the ranks in Higher Education Contract Management Including the Director position at several Universities and multiple District and Regional roles.

Darrin has extensive knowledge in contract management, business development, procedural training and years of hands on kitchen experience.

Photo of Patrick Maurer
Patrick MaurerVP, Business Development South

Patrick Maurer joins CSM with over eight years of experience in the food industry. During this time, he began his career working as a frontline customer representative and later moved into sales management and key account representative. His primary focus was on multi-unit restaurants, resident living facilities, and entertainment venues.

Before his food service experience, Patrick worked in direct sales and marketing as Executive Vice President in the entertainment industry based out of Los Angeles. He later started his own business and enjoyed tremendous success for over ten years. He was instrumental in streamlining manufacturing and distribution timelines. These changes resulted in higher customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Patrick enjoys building long-lasting relationships with customers and colleagues. He understands the importance of focusing on the customers’ needs and goals. Delivering results and being a trusted source for customers is always a priority. 

Photo of Mike Parnacott
Mike ParnacottVP, Business Development East

Mike Parnacott joins CSM with over 15 years of experience in the Hospitality and Food Distribution industries.  

Graduating with a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree from Grand Valley State University, Mike spent the early part of his career operating both independent and corporate foodservice and hotel operations.  He continued his career in food distribution, holding business development and sales leadership roles in escalating capacities, leading to Vice President of Sales.

Most recently, Mike has spent time leading growth-focused, small to mid-sized organizations, business development, procurement and marketing efforts.  A believer in the power of collaboration, Mike brings a passion and enthusiasm in developing strong, successful client relationships.

Photo of Jenny Boegli
Jenny BoegliManager of Culinary Systems

Jenny comes to CSM with over 20 years of experience in the food service industry.

She started out as a student worker in the dish room and then gained extensive hands-on experience in all areas of food service production-both in back of the house and front of the house operations. Jenny’s career progressed as she moved into multiple leadership roles prior to becoming an Executive Chef at a university.

Jenny is well-rounded in her culinary skills. She is proficient in menu management (planning, creation, postproduction), inventory management, customer service, employee training & development,  and product knowledge & procurement services.

Overall, Jenny thoroughly enjoys working with customers and their teams helping them to ensure a successful operation!

Photo of Eric Bartholomew
Eric BartholomewManager of Culinary Services

Eric brings over 20 years of experience in the food service industry with Executive Chef and management experience in corporate, upscale, and multi-unit restaurants.  He began his career as a Chef’s Assistant at a major hotel chain during high school and never looked back.  He has had a progressive career as a Corporate Executive Chef while also developing menus and leading new restaurant openings.  During his career, Eric has focused his menu creation on keeping with current culinary trends while utilizing fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients.  Specializing in Latin and Asian cuisines, he excels on showcasing bold ingredients and flavors that give guests a unique dining experience.

With expertise in multi-unit operations, Eric has a strong business acumen specifically the ability to identify opportunities where customers can become more efficient, increase sales and profit, and provide a memorable guest experience.

Eric is extremely proficient in back of house programs and software, team building, staff training and development, inventory management solutions, kitchen design and layout, and in-depth culinary skills and techniques.

Photo of Steven Hufford
Steven HuffordBusiness Systems Specialist

Steven brings a variety of background and skills to the CSM team. He began his career in foodservice by working in a restaurant during his time as an undergraduate student. During this time, he quickly grew into a leadership role while additionally being employed at a specialty rehab facility. He rapidly found himself loving the food and nutrition industry and the people that are a part of it.

Before Joining CSM, Steven completed his coordinated dietetic program from the University of Iowa College of Medicine, receiving his Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. He has experiences in food service, management, and a vast scope of clinical nutrition.